Each one of our efforts is guided by the will to collaborate exclusively with artisans, SMEs (small and medium enterprises and producers), and actors of the FAIR TRADE. The passion for our work allows us to offer and create added value in each of our products. This with the aim of ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Who we are :

YAPPA.CH, is a socially, environmentally responsible company, duly recognized under the Fair Trade and Human Rights CEAWORLD label in Geneva-Switzerland. Thanks to our E-COMMERCE platform for online sales, you will find a vast choice of roses and rose bouquets of very high quality, our unique Amazonian Lucky Bamboo with different models and sizes, as well as fresh exotic fruits. All our products are guaranteed under the CEAWORLD and AMAZONIAN HUMANITARIAN TRADE label, and FAIR TRADE, with which we help and participate in the financing of different social, scientific and humanitarian projects and programs, designed, controlled and monitored by CEAWORLD in Geneva, Switzerland.

We offer you :

A wide choice of beautiful high quality roses, various rose bouquets, and exclusively! the one and only Lucky Amazonian bamboo in the world.

Our services : 


Our team of specialists is committed to providing quality, personalized and inspired work and service for all your public or private events.

Known for our quaility to turn ordinary events into extraordinary ones, YAPPA.CH offers solutions for a wide range of projects.

Our extensive network of contacts, unparalleled customer service and visionary design team led by expert decorators are the cornerstones of our success. 

We can easily adapt to your budget, and to our clients' requests, and if necessary, we are flexible to payment in 2, 3 or up to 6 monthly installments without fees or interest.

Our team is ready to listen to your needs. We will come to your place to discuss with you the different possibilities and styles of floral decoration.

We propose themes according to the seasons and annual holidays. We work on a weekly delivery basis.


We are open to wholesalers, florists and anyone who wants to buy by the box or in bulk.

Delivery is made at home and depending on the amount and quantity ordered, delivery fees can be offered.

Our creations :

Our rose bouquets are extremely beautiful, and depending on the request of our customers, they can be embellished with 2 or 3 different varieties of roses and arranged by hand, on a bed of lush greenery. Their elegance and harmony speak for themselves.

If you prefer to make your own arrangements, we will gladly deliver our roses directly to the address of your choice in Switzerland and neighboring France.

We offer a wide choice of prestigious and high quality roses, produced by serious companies committed to Human Rights, Nature and the environment.


Our address:


Impasse Fin du Motty 8

CH-1686 Grangettes


IDE: CHE-145,747,900

Tel. + 41 22 340 59 02

Email: contact@yappa.ch



Rue de la Condémine 52

CH-1630 Bulle


IBAN: CH05 0900 0000 1555 3926 5

Account No. 15-553926-5