For reasons of linguistic simplification and readability, YAPPA.CH will be named: YAPPA.CH, and only the masculine form will be used hereafter, it being understood that it applies to both the feminine and masculine forms. By customer, YAPPA.CH always means the client.

Flowers and Bamboo: Flowers and bamboos being a seasonal product, the full existing diversity is not always available. The photographed bouquet or bamboo can be adapted to the varieties and colors shown in the online shop. The assortment is usually renewed four times a year. However, YAPPA.CH does not guarantee the availability at all times of the flowers and bamboos photographed and presented on their commercial media, especially in the case of last-minute orders in Switzerland. Therefore, it may happen that the actual composition of the YAPPA.CH bouquet or bamboo may differ slightly from the one photographed or presented in their commercial supports. Please note that each YAPPA.CH bouquet and bamboo is a masterpiece in itself, individually composed and at the last moment on site, it will come as close as possible in shape and color to the one photographed.

Fruits: Depending on the season, not all the existing and promoted varieties are always available. The photographs and varieties shown in the online shop may vary from the actual item. YAPPA.CH does not guarantee the availability of the fruit photographed and presented in its commercial media at all times, especially in the case of last-minute orders in Switzerland. It may therefore be the case that the actual composition of the presentation is slightly different from that photographed or presented in the commercial media. However, YAPPA.CH will do its utmost to ensure that the product proposed is as similar as possible in form and color to the one photographed and promoted.



- VAT is included in all prices for deliveries in Switzerland. VAT is not charged for delivery abroad.

The price for all the YAPPA.CH products are naturally subject to the market, seasonal and regional fluctuations. The price corresponding to that of the photo is always indicated for products available in different price categories. For flowers, choosing a lower or higher price changes the size of the bouquet delivered, but the shape and color remain the same. Service charges, transport costs and VAT for all orders placed in Switzerland are denominated in CHF (Swiss Francs) at the time of placing and validating the order. The delivery is made on the desired date, prices and conditions on the day of the Swiss Post Office. Deliveries can generally not be made on Sundays and public holidays, except in exceptional cases. The special delivery conditions are valid for certain very remote or inaccessible places through Swiss Post. YAPPA.CH's delivery at a specific time is subject to the following special rules:

Delivery times for all products.  The delivery of YAPPA.CH by Swiss Post is 48 hours, if one hour is required or specific, it can be done with a minimum 72 hours advance purchase. For orders during the weekend (Saturday after 2pm), the possible delivery day is the following Wednesday. YAPPA.CH can only accept orders executed in accordance with the standard delivery conditions of Swiss Post, an order can be delivered at a specific time at the customer's request. It is in the customer's interest to ensure that the recipient or a legally authorized person will be present to sign the voucher and receive the order on the site on the day specified for delivery. YAPPA.CH cannot be held responsible for any problems if no one is present on the day and at the agreed delivery time. It is in the customer's interest to ensure that the delivery address and telephone number provided are accurate and complete. YAPPA.CH shall not be liable for delays or non-payment resulting from the provision of incorrect or incomplete addresses. All orders placed via the Internet shall be confirmed as soon as possible by e-mail. This confirmation shall indicate the order number, information on the product purchased, the purchase price, VAT, price and delivery date, the customer's address and the delivery address. A confirmation of delivery automatically arrives to the customer for orders delivered in Switzerland and also for exceptional orders delivered abroad. Also, an email is sent to the customer after delivery. If the delivery has not been made, the customer receives an email on the same day and will be asked to contact YAPPA.CH customer service as soon as possible. YAPPA.CH cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the unlawful appropriation of an e-mail address by the recipient, customer or the impossibility to transmit orders or delivery confirmations for other reasons, (spam, full mailbox, etc.). YAPPA.CH reserves the right to charge customers for duplicate orders, attempts and false deliveries.

Subsequent changes or cancellations: Any change or cancellation of an order that has already been registered or executed may generate additional costs that will be invoiced to the customer.

Force majeure
YAPPA.CH shall not be held liable for the non-execution or delay in execution of any of its orders or obligations described in these general terms and conditions of sale when this is due to force majeure. In this respect, force majeure is understood to mean any external event that prevents the execution of an obligation that is immediately limited in time, the rules set out in Articles 107 to 119 paragraph 1 of the Swiss Code of Obligations remain applicable.

Data protection (general information on data protection): YAPPA.CH offers and assures its customers the security and protection of their data. YAPPA.CH complies with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA), this is a priority. In this context, YAPPA.CH undertakes to comply with national and international data protection laws and regulations. This also applies to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR EU). By using the website, as well as the domains, sub-domains, mobile versions and associated applications, the customer agrees to the use of his/her data in accordance with the legal provisions on data protection and accepts the following privacy statement.YAPPA.CH uses the most modern technological means to protect the website and other systems, as well as all data entered into the system. Unauthorized access: In principle, the YAPPA.CH website can be used without revealing your identity.  YAPPA.CH stores various information on each visit (see "Use of cookies"YAPPA.CH can only guarantee data protection for its own web pages, but not for third party pages linked to one of YAPPA.CH's pages. Furthermore, YAPPA.CH accepts no responsibility for the security of data transmitted over the internet. Security of personal data: Anyone who purchases products in the Online Shop must provide their name and other personal information. SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) is a technology that encrypts data transmitted between a website and the web browser of the user connecting to it. This information cannot be read or reconstructed by unauthorized persons. Address and other personal data will be treated confidentially and only in connection with the execution of the order and compliance with the legal data protection provisions, e.g. data required for delivery, delivery confirmation, invoicing, as well as customer requests for clarification. YAPPA.CH will also use this data to contact your customers afterwards by mail, telephone, e-mail, SMS or Whats'up to inform them about new products and services, but also for market research purposes.  Finally, personal information may be associated with usage data, such as browser software or information contained in cookies (see "Use of Cookies" and "Cookies of Tool Providers"). YAPPA.CH only stores the personal information collected for a specific period of time in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. YAPPA.CH deletes personal data as soon as it is no longer required, at the latest after expiry of the legally prescribed period of mandatory data retention. Personal data collected for market research purposes is not passed on (a priori) to third parties. Security of confidential data: During payment the YAPPA.CH webshop meets the compliance requirements of national and international credit card issuers. Credit card information such as credit card number, expiry date or CVV2 code of the customer is required. The verification, processing and storage of credit card information is carried out by a certified service provider (POSTFINANCE Checkout and SmartBusiness). The YAPPA.CH online shop meets the requirements of the PCI DSS (Security Data Industry Standard) for data security in online payment transactions with a credit card. Access to a customer account is only allowed after entering a personal password. It is recommended that access information is treated confidentially. Customers are advised to close the browser window at the end of each session on the YAPPA.CH website. The customer must regulate the access authorizations for identifiers by fulfilling their due diligence obligations. YAPPA.CH shall not be liable for damages resulting from the use by unauthorized persons of, or information provided by the customer in the context of the execution of the order.

Right to information on stored data: In accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act, the user has the right to find out free of charge whether and which personal data concerning him/her is stored in YAPPA.CH and, if so, which ones. In addition, it may be necessary to correct or delete inaccurate statements.  This is subject to compliance with the legal requirements for data retention.  For security reasons, enquiries will only be dealt with in writing and after sending a certified copy of an identity document.  Enquiries should be addressed to YAPPA.CH (address see imprint). In addition, the user has the right to revoke your consent to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes at any time.  The processing of this revocation may take a few days. Use of cookies. YAPPA.CH uses session cookies on its website, which help to increase the user-friendliness and performance of the Internet pages.  Cookies are also used for statistical purposes and to optimize the Internet offering. Session cookies are deleted as soon as the browser window is closed and do not contain any personal data.  In addition YAPPA.CH also uses tracking cookies stored on the computer or device. Mobile user at the end of the browser session.  These cookies enable you to track user behavior and to distinguish between different types of mobile users. In order to analyze the use of your website, YAPPA.CH uses several third-party tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Remarketing (subsequent calls). "tool providers") that use cookies. Social networking add-ons On the YAPPA.CH website, social media add-ons are also used (e.g. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, later referred to as "provider").  When visiting the YAPPA.CH website, the browser establishes a direct link to the provider's server.  If the user is simultaneously logged on to the Provider, data relating to the visit to the YAPPA.CH Website can be transmitted.  These can, if necessary, be assigned to the user account (e.g. Facebook).  If the user wishes to prevent the provider from collecting data about him/her via the YAPPA.CH website, the user must log out of the provider's website before visiting the YAPPA.CH website. Even when logged out, the providers' social network add-ons continue to collect anonymous data via cookies.  If the user then logs on to the provider's website, this data can be attributed to the user's profile.  Information on collection and use You will find the data relating to suppliers in the data protection regulations available on the websites in question. If the user does not want their suppliers to collect their data by means of cookies, they can prevent this by activating the function "Block third-party cookies". in the browser settings.  In this case, however, the scope of the website's services may be reduced and their use may be limited or even prevented. Swiss data protection law forms the exclusive legal basis for this privacy statement.  YAPPA.CH reserves the right to adapt this Privacy Statement to meet changing needs and new requirements. Warranty / liability. YAPPA.CH shall only be liable for direct damage and only if the customer can prove that it was caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of YAPPA.CH, auxiliaries. or third parties on behalf of YAPPA.CH. In all cases, liability is limited to the quantity ordered. Applicable law and jurisdiction, The contract shall be governed exclusively by the relevant Swiss law.

YAPPA.CH shall only be liable for direct returns and damages if the customer can demonstrate that they were caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of YAPPA.CH, auxiliaries or third parties commissioned by YAPPA.CH. In all cases, liability is limited to the amount of the order or purchase order.

Copyrights / Copyright
The content and structure of the products and services transmitted and published by YAPPA.CH, as well as the entirety of its products and services are the intellectual property of YAPPA.CH and are protected by copyright. The use of contributions and work aids, documents, reports, consulting services, information systems, marketing and communication etc. for personal use is only permitted with the prior written consent of YAPPA.CH. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited and punishable under current Swiss and international laws and regulations. Any partial or total commercial or personal dissemination requires the express permission of YAPPA.CH in Grangettes-Romont, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Place of jurisdiction and applicable law
Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these general terms and conditions of sale is subject to Swiss law. In the absence of an amicable resolution, the dispute shall be referred to the competent court at the domicile of YAPPA.CH. The place of jurisdiction is Grangettes-Romont, Fribourg, Switzerland.